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BIOBACT Scent 500ml

Instead of simply masking bad odours, BIOBACT scent (spray) effectively breaks down organic substances, such as urine and food residues which are the root cause of foul-smelling environment. The added perfume leaves a nice and pleasant scent in the room. Thanks to long-lasting microbial activity, BIOBACT scent (spray) even prevents the new build-up of organic dirt on a regular use. By the complete abandonment of hazardous ingredients, BIOBACT scent (spray) is a material friendly odour eliminator, and therefore versatile in use (e.g. old people´s homes, restaurants, hotels, etc.). Made of 100% natural microorganisms, BIOBACT scent (spray) is safe in use and safe for the environment. BIOBACT scent (spray) comes in a highly sustainable bottle made of 100% recycled plastic sourced from the „Yellow bag” (post-consumer recyclate).

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